Non-alcoholic Gin - Virgin

Many thought that an alcohol-free gin wasn’t possible. At least if it was to satisfy even a picky gin lover. That was true - until we unveiled our alcohol-free gin, which we call Virgin. It became a sensation, because we were the first in the world to do so, and you can buy it here:

Non-alcoholic gin

Non-alcoholic Gin - Virgin

... can fool even a hardened gin drinker into thinking it's a "normal gin"...

Since then, more non-alcoholic gins have come onto the market, but it's still our Virgin that can fool even a hardened gin drinker into thinking it's a "normal gin" when used in cocktails.

How to make a gin without alcohol

We've distilled with water and juniper berries, lavender, fresh apples, and citrus peel.

The difference between Herbie Virgin and if you were to make some sort of herbal extract yourself is two things:

One is the recipe - we have spent a long time developing a recipe that gives a harmonious expression and is similar to Herbie Gin Original.

How do you make Herbie Virgin?

The second is that we distil water from our own well along with selected botanicals - just like you do with alcohol when making gin. When you distil you amplify the flavor from the herbs, and it gives a more complex and interesting aftertaste and aroma than if you just let the herbs infuse in water. And that's just one of the secrets of "tricking" the senses into thinking there's alcohol in the glass.

When we distill Herbie Virgin, the result is essential oils and water. Some of these oils may collect in individual bottles like a little "ghost". This is completely harmless and just a sign that we don't use a lot of additives.

The effect is secondary

At Herbie Gin, we're all about flavor and aroma, while the effect of alcohol is secondary. That's why it was natural for us to try and make a non-alcoholic alternative to Herbie Gin. We want to give people the opportunity to have a taste experience and to be taken seriously - even on those days or periods when you don't drink alcohol or just want to limit your intake.